MerMutts currently offers 2 types of services – both include assisted swimming in our beautiful indoor spa located in Sequim, WA.  Our pool is heated to 92 degrees and is kept clean with all natural products and systems.  There is no chlorine or harsh chemicals utilized in our pool.

Benefits of Swimming May Include:

    • Reduced Inflammation
    • Improved Range of Motion
    • Increased Circulation
    • Reduced Weight (along with diet change)
    • Increased Mobility and Encouraged Recover Pre and Post Surgery
    • Strengthened Muscles
    • Alleviated Joint Pain
    • Improved Confidence, Mental Health and Behavior
    • And most importantly…FUN had by all!
Stephenye is totally committed to the healing of her clients. We are amazed at the progress we have seen in our IVDD post-op Corgi. What a clean and beautiful facility! We look forward to seeing Stephenye and Scot’s vision continue to grow as they provide this critical service locally.
– Melanie and Emmett

initial intake assessment

1 hour session to introduce and acclimate your dog to the beautiful dog spa and swimming pool.  We’ll spend time exploring, getting yummy treats and learning to love their swim human.  This include up to 40 minutes in the water depending on the comfort level of your dog. 

$125 Per Session

Full Session

1 hour session includes up to 50 minutes soaking in the warm water with some swimming strokes and stretching.  Hydrotherapy may provide benefit for pets with injuries or are recovering from surgery.  Older and arthritic dogs can also benefit greatly from this service.

$105 Per Session

half session

30 minute session includes up to 20 minutes in the water to exercise your active pet, reduce weight or teach your pet to swim.  Great for puppies – great exercise without impacting their growth plates negatively!

$75 Per Session


Before your first appointment, please fill out the form below. Download the waiver and bring to your first appointment, or email to

If you have any difficulty using the online form, please download a copy and bring to your first appointment.

Once you have filled out the intake form, please download and sign the waiver form below.
Bring with you to your first appointment.

Our first session together may include less time in the pool depending on assessment time and all sessions will vary by dog.